x_yourkiss (x_yourkiss) wrote,

In Custody-Ch 1

Title: In Custody
Chapter: 1/?
Author: x_yourkiss
Pairing: Pierre/David
Rating: PG-13 for now
Words: 635
Summary: AU - David is the governor’s son, and Pierre is a newly released delinquent, doing community service for the governor and his family.
Disclaimer: Not real. No matter how much we wish.

Chapter 1:
It was a dull day, as most days were, for the people who lived just south of Chesapeake Bay in a busy, upper-class town called Charlottestown.

Summer had finally arrived, and along with it came beautiful weather that never seemed too humid. Thunderstorms were frequent in this part of the country, and if you looked up at the sky you would see gray clouds flooding the sun, suggesting the making of a storm.

Generally people here were happy. However deep amongst the mist of people who were flooding towards Virginia Beach, hoping to get that ‘perfect tan’, there was a different story.

Surrounded by miles and miles of corn and tobacco fields, there was the state’s juvenile penitentiary. People had always wondered why it was built in such a happy town, a place that aimed to cause no trouble at all. But that was exactly it. Chaos was seemingly rare in such a pleasant place, which was a perfect background for one of the most high-security juvenile prisons on the east-coast.

But the people of Charlottestown didn’t worry about it. After all, why should they? Most of the time they even forgot that the prison was there.

But Pierre Bouvier wouldn’t.

The day was hot and the walk was long from his isolated cell to the real world that awaited him. Sweat dripped from his brow and down his bronzed body. After being strip-searched and taking a UA he was finally allowed to be escorted from the jail. He had no family rejoicing his return, and instead was staying with his probation officer for a while.

“Motha fuckas,” he mumbled under his breath as the children working in the court all stared at him. Just to spite them he turned around and flashed them the middle finger. Then he opened the door to his probation officers car and stepped in.

The second the car started Pierre aimed every vent at his face, letting the cool air bathe him. Slightly amused, Pierre’s probation officer glanced in Pierre’s direction. “Hungry?” he asked.

Pierre nodded his head ‘yes.’ “I want some McDonalds!” he replied, smiling for the first time in eight months.

“Okay, we’ll pick up some food and then head over to the governors mansion. They’ve got an orientation set up for all of you guys.”

Suddenly Pierre’s smile faded into a scowl. “Damnit,” he murmured. Then he turned up the radio and started singing along to the song.

*David’s POV*

I heard a van pull up in the front drive. Quickly diving onto my window-seat, I shyly peeped out the window, watching as a teenage boy stepped out of the van. His baggy clothes indicated that he thought he was pretty ‘gangsta’. His dirty face was badly beaten, and sweat already trailed down his forehead.

His mouth seemed to drop as he took in the view of our mansion. Looking out over the front drive was a seemingly never-ending garden. The garden that he would be tending to, along with doing other chores this summer.

I watched him being led up to the courtyard, to join the other boys. There the heads of our household were standing. The backbone of this estate. No, they weren’t my mother and father. They were the maids, gardeners, butlers and everyone else who kept this place spotless.

This summer my father, who was the governor of Virginia, volunteered to help out ex-delinquents who were looking for some community service. It amazed me how honorable my father was to any child that weren’t his own. But that’s beside the point.

Suddenly one of the boys looked up to my third-story window. He caught me staring and bashfully I looked away. But not before I saw the unreadable face that he made.

Yeah, I was definitely not looking forward to this summer.
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